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1920 E. Kilgore Service Road, Portage, Michigan

Post No. 36- Kalamazoo, Home of the 3rd District


American Legion National Headquarters

American Legion Department of Michigan 

MILegionnaire January-February 2015

Welcome to the Michigan 3rd District Association


2015 American Legion Online Renewal- Available July 1, 2014

NEW ON FACEBOOK** Information from Jim Carlin, 2nd Zone Commander

American Legion Digital Dispatch- February 19, 2015

National Commander's American Legion Online Weekly Update- February 26, 2015

Thank You Jim Carlin for moving us forward with this great website.  As you move forward in your role as 2nd Zone Commander it is good to know that your involvement in 3rd District projects will continue as our 2nd Vice. Your  Zone Commander projects will be well supported because education and promoting unity between Post, Sons of the Legion, Auxiliary, and The  Legion Riders, are excellent goals for us all.

Please continue to review our District web site that will permit better communication among all the Posts and the communities we serve. Our site will also be of great value to the Auxiliary, Sons of the Legion (SAL), and Legion Riders. We plan to link the web sites for the Posts in our District to this site in order that it might be easier access for members and those interested in learning about the American Legion.   

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